2 Occasions When You Should Hire An Immigration Attorney

Posted on: 14 January 2022


You don't have to hire an attorney when applying for a green card or an immigrant visa in the United States. If your case is straightforward, you have no criminal record, and you're eligible for the benefit you seek, you can proceed on your own without legal representation. However, there are many other situations when a lawyer's intervention may be essential. 

Here are two occasions when hiring an immigration attorney is crucial. 

When Hiring International Employees

An international workforce can be an essential asset in enhancing your firm's competitiveness. But what steps should you follow when hiring foreign employees?

First, you need to decide which visa program is appropriate for the types of workers you intend to hire. If you want them to become permanent residents, you should apply for employer-sponsored green cards. 

You also need to obtain the necessary certification from the Department of Labor (DOL). This certification is necessary to ensure that your decision to outsource employees will not harm the country's wages, job opportunities, or working conditions.

Remember that you're responsible for obtaining visas for your prospective employees. Still, there are several processes to follow at this stage, depending on the type of visa you seek to obtain. But that certification by the DOL is not always a guarantee that you will obtain the visas. 

Therefore, hiring international employees is a lengthy process that can be hard to navigate without the help of an immigration attorney. A legal professional can help with paperwork, such as completing ETA forms, and guide you through every step to ensure you obtain the international workforce your company needs.

During Deportation Proceedings

If you face a removal or deportation case, you shouldn't assume that the judge will be compassionate. Even when you tell a sympathetic story, the judge is expected to be impartial. They may also not have time to question you to see if your case warrants a favorable decision. If you don't present convincing reasons why you shouldn't be deported, your chances of winning the case are slim.

Thus, hiring an immigration attorney is your best bet. Your lawyer will examine the evidence presented for any loopholes that could shift things in your favor. In other words, they will work hard to see if there are specific circumstances in your life that warrant a defense against deportation.

They will gather all the necessary evidence and present it in a convincing fashion. Your immigration lawyer can argue that you qualify for asylum or show that you are a US citizen if your parent or grandparent is a US citizen. They can also plead with the court to grant you a green card if you have an immediate relative who is a US citizen.

If you have an immigration case, it makes sense to hire an immigration lawyer. Immigration law is complex, and you can easily make a mistake that will cost you.

For more information, contact an immigration attorney near you.