How To Obtain The K-1 Visa For Your Partner When Living In Different Countries

Posted on: 27 November 2018


Finding love online is nothing new for most people. In fact, starting a relationship after getting to know a person on social media or other types of online platforms is becoming more common than it has ever been in the past. Even if you never initially expected to fall in love with someone who lives outside the country, it is something that may have happened over time. There is a good chance that you have spent hundreds of hours speaking on the phone, talking via webcam, and having conversations through text message with your partner who lives in another country. Aside from spending a lot of time talking and getting to know one another, you may have even visited your partner in his or her country to spend some quality time together.

Find Out How to Get Your Partner Into the United States

Now that the relationship is serious, you might have an interest in bringing your partner to the United States where you could get married to one another and live together like many other married couples do. This is something that may be important to you if you are looking to start a family in the coming years. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as exchanging rings and walking down the aisle in a matter of days because there is a process involved in getting your significant other into the United States in the first place. However, if you take the right steps, your partner may be granted the K-1 visa, a specific type of visa that is often granted to those who are currently engaged to American citizens. If you want to make sure you are following the required steps, you need to hire an immigration attorney to explain the entire process to you.

Get Help With the Application Process

If you are serious about starting a life with your partner in the United States and your partner is willing to leave his or her country to stay with you, it is best to get help with completing the K-1 visa application because the application is confusing and complicated for some people. When filling out the application, you must provide your personal information and your partner's personal information. It helps to have evidence of the relationship between you and your significant other, including any photos that you have taken with one another when you were visiting your partner in his or her country. These photos offer a bit of insight on the type of relationship you currently have with your loved one.

A lawyer can help with the application process while making sure both you and your partner are eligible to start this process based on the current requirements. Aside from providing assistance on completing the application and filling out documents with you to make sure they are completed properly, the lawyer can answer any of the different questions you have about this process. These are just a few of the questions you might want to ask when meeting with the immigration attorney:

  • How long will it take to find out if the visa has been approved?
  • How much is it going to cost to complete this process?
  • If the visa gets approved, how soon can my partner come to the United States?
  • How soon will the marriage need to take place after receiving an approval for the K-1 visa?
  • If the visa gets denied, what are my options going forward?

Never hesitate to ask these and other related questions when speaking with the immigration attorney. It is the best way for you to get a better understanding of the process while learning a lot more about the options that are available.

You may not have expected to find love online with someone who does not live in the United States, but now that it has happened, you may want your partner to come to your country so that you can get married, live together, and start a family. If you are hoping to make this happen in the near future, contact an immigration attorney and get assistance with filling out the K-1 visa application because that is where it all starts.